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emergency preparedness

Below are some resources to use when studying the Emergency Services Merit Badge course.  As we go through the course, additional resources will be added and videos will be updated.  


Emergency Preparedness MB Guide (hint- lots of answers you need) Requirement 2b


Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge (hint- lots of answers here too) Requirement 2b

Northdridge Earthquake 1994
So Cal Mudslides 2017
LA Riots 1992
California Wildfires 2019
Oroville Dam 2017
Exxon/Mobil Refinery 2015
Requirement 2
The Disaster Preparedness Cycle 
Requirement 3

3b- Save a person from carbon monoxide

3d - Save a person from drowning

3c - Clothes catching on fire

3d - Save a person from drowning on ice

Requirement 4

Attracting airplanes and other aircraft 

Requirement 5

With another person, show how to move an injured person out of rugged or remote area

Requirement 6

6a: What is NIMS and ICS 

ICS - Incident Command System

6b 1:  NIMS/ICN help Scouts in an emergency

Emergency Management Chart

Scout Resources

6c: Idenitify local Emergency Services


City of Torrance OES (City Office of Emergency Services)

LA County Em Mngmnt.jpg

CAL OES (State Office of Emergency Services) 


Requirement 8b: Personal emergency pack

Requirement 8b: family emergency kit 

While there are many lists, has an easy to follow kit YOU can put together today.  Click here for more

Requirement 9a: Safety Checklist 

Requirement 9b: Develop an escape plan for your home 

What's YOUR Plan?

How to Create Your Home Plan

Escape Plan Blank

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