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Hike to the Hollywood Sign - 9/28/21

We had a great time hiking the Hollywood Sign. This trail is well marked and but we still used the opportunity to teach the boys orienteering, basic topographical map reading and safety when on the trail. Afterwards we treated the boys to visit to a Torrance favorite Foster's Freeze.

Check out the video

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3 commenti

04 ott 2021

Great to see the boys hiking and being active. Fun that you don't have to leave LA every time to enjoy a fun and meaningful hike!

Mi piace

Membro sconosciuto
04 ott 2021

It was good to see the boys power through that first tough uphill stretch and make it through to the top. What a great hike, a great view, and a great time!

Mi piace

04 ott 2021

The boys had an awesome time. What a fun hike to the Hollywood sign. Troop 218 Torrance is a very active boy scout troop! It really seems like you keep the boys engaged and active. Keep up the great work and the amazing posts!

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