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Public Speaking Merit Badge



1. Give a three- to five-minute introduction of yourself to an audience such as your troop, class at school, or some other group.


2. Prepare a three- to five-minute talk on a topic of your choice that incorporates body language and visual aids.


3. Give an impromptu talk of at least two minutes either as part of a group discussion or before your counselor. Use a subject selected by your counselor that is interesting to you but that is not known to you in advance and for which you do not have time to prepare.


4. Select a topic of interest (preferably scouting related) to your audience. Collect and organize information about the topic and prepare an outline. Write an 8 to 10 minute speech, practice it, then deliver it in a conversational way.


5. Show you know parliamentary procedure by leading a discussion or meeting according to accepted rules of order, or by answering questions on the rules of order.

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