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Summer Camp 2022

Camp Buffalo Bill, Cody, Wyoming

July 23-31, 2022

(Camp Dates July 24-30)

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$405 per Scout for Camp 

Transportation/lodging/meals for road trip to and from camp: TBD (probably around $200) 


Transportation/lodging/meals for road trip due July 1st

Getting to Camp

We will be driving to camp and it is expected to be a 18 hour drive each way.  Once we have a final head count for camp, we will either be renting vans like we did last year or we will look into renting a bus.  We will also be taking the Troop trailer and gear.  The drive to camp and home from camp will be broken down into two days each way with stops along the way at different points of interest/locations. So, we can expect to leave on July 22nd and return on July 31st.  As with our trip last year, we will be looking for fun stops along the way to make the trip an adventure for the Scouts.  We will be working with the Scouts in the coming months to have them help set the itinerary for the trip.  

Transportation/lodging/meal costs will include all costs of getting your Scout to and from camp.  We will be staying in a hotel the first night on the road like we did last year.  On the return trip, we will either be staying in a hotel or a campground, depending on the final itinerary. 

About the Camp

Camp Buffalo Bill is located 7 miles east of Yellowstone National Park and 43 miles west of Cody, Wyoming.  It was the playground for Wiliam F. "Bill" Cody.  The camp is located along the banks of the North Fork of the Shoshone River.  This camp is truly "in the woods" and boasts no cell phone service (hooray!!!) and the camp has visits from local bison and moose.  


Meals at camp will be served in the dining hall and our Scouts will be camping in our Troop tents.  Over 40 merit badges including climbing, wilderness survival, search and rescue, game design, metalwork, geocaching, hiking and much more!   

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