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Summer Camp 2023

K-M Scout Ranch
Hilger, Montana

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Departure: Friday, July 28, Meet at First Lutheran Church at 10:30AM
Trip Dates: July 28 - August 6, 2023
Camp Dates: July 30 -August 5, 2023


  • $350 per Scout for Camp

  • Transportation/lodging/meals for road trip to and from camp: TBD: (should be around $250)


  • Transportation/lodging/meals for road trip are due July 1st

Cancellation policy

The Troop policy will follow K-M Scout Ranch policy which states: Any unit or individual Scout canceling prior to June 1 may be able to receive a refund of fees less the $200 deposit and $75 camp readiness fee for each Scout and/or Adult cancellation.  Any cancellations will be handled AFTER the camping session and will be at the discretion of the Camp Director.  Additionally, NO REFUNDS for the transportation/meals/lodging to the Troop which is due July 1st.  This fee is based on the number of Scouts/adults coming to camp and with each cancellation after July 1st, the Troop is forced to cover any refunds or charge the remaining Scouts.   

Getting to Camp

As usual, we will be driving to camp. The drive is expected to be 19 hours each way.   Once we have a final headcount for camp, we will finalize the plans for the trip.  This year, we are discussing leaving a 1/2 day early (on Friday) to get some of the driving out of the way and allow for shorter drive times on Saturday and Sunday.  This will also allow us to give the Scouts some free time each night and/or to plan in some fun activity to help break up the drive.  We realize two back to back 9-10 hour driving days is taxing on the Scouts (and the adults).  We can discuss this more when we have our summer camp info meeting.   

As in years past, we plan on looking for fun places to stop along the way and we will be working with the Scouts to have them help set the itinerary for the trip.   

Transportation/lodging/meal costs will include all costs of getting your Scout to and from camp.  We will be staying in a hotel the first night (or two) on the way up to camp depending on when we leave.   On the return trip, we will be staying in campgrounds along the route.   

More About the Camp

K-M Scout Ranch is located 20 miles north of Lewiston, Montana a full service Scout camp, offering cafeteria style dining in a state of the art dining hall, spacious waterfront and a host of merit badges and other activities.  Scouts and adults stay in 10' x 12' canvas tents on concrete foundations.  Each tent has tubular metal bunk beds allowing 4 Scouts or 2 adults per tent.  


Whatever your Scouts’ interests, they will find opportunities to grow!  We currently offer archery, rifle, shotgun, blackpowder and cowboy action shooting at our ranges, swimming and boating on Taylor Lake, numerous merit badges in our Nature, Fine Arts, STEM and Scoutcraft areas, climbing/rappelling.  Scouts 14 years and older can also participate in ATVs, mountain biking, and more.

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