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Tenderfoot Requirements
Requirement 1c - Outdoor Code

The Outdoor Code

As an American, I will do my best to-

Be Clean in my outdoor manners, 

Be Careful with fire, 

Be Considerate in the outdoors, and

Be Conservation-minded

Requirement 4a: First Aid

Snake Bites

Choking (skip to one minute) 

Requirement 4b: Common Poisonous or Hazardous Plants

Poisonous/Hazardous Plants presentation

Poodle Dog Bush

Stinging Nettle

Poison Oak

Requirement 4d: Personal First Aid Kit

Assemble a First Aid Kit

Requirement 5a-5c: funny video
Requirement 5a

The Buddy System

The Buddy System

Requirement 5b

What to do if You are LOST

What To Do If You Get Lost 

Requirement 5c

Rules of Safe Hiking

Rules of Safe Hiking

Requirement 6a:

Click here for fitness tracker sheet

Requirement 7a:

Retiring the Flag.  Click here for information on how to property retire the US Flag. 

Flag Etiquette and Respect.  Click here for information on how to show proper respect for the US Flag

Troop 218 Flag Ceremony.  Click here to learn more about how to conduct the opening or closing flag ceremony for the Troop. 

How to display & fold the American Flag

Additional Resource on Flag Etiquette.  

Requirement 8:

The EDGE Method

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