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Uniform Guidelines

The Boy Scout Uniform is a critical part of being a Scout.  The Scout uniform is perhaps one of the most recognized features or the scout troop.  It serves to unify the group, provides structure and organization and identifies where each scout is along his path to Eagle.  It also represents many of the traditions and symbols important to scouting.  Troop 218 has a strong emphasis on wearing the proper uniform and scouts and adult leaders are required to wear the proper uniform for all meetings and events.  Scouts are expected to have at least one complete Class-A uniform.  


Class-A uniforms should be worn at all major Troop 218 events including Troop meetings, Courts of Honor, flag ceremonies, and parades.  Each event will be listed on Scoutbook and will indicate whether Class A or Class B uniform is required.  If you cannot determine whether the event is a Class A or Class B event, wear the Class A uniform, which requires a Class B T-shirt to be worn under the Class A shirt anyway.   If the event is Class B, you can simply remove the Class A shirt and you will be in Class B.   

Troop 218 wears Class B uniforms on regular campouts and while traveling,  If a Class A uniform is needed on trips (such as summer camp), Scouts should bring their Class A shirt, neckerchief and slide.  A time and place will be set aside for them to put in their Class A prior to arriving at summer camp, etc.  

New Scouts should have a complete Class A uniform within two weeks of joining the Troop.  Likewise, new patches (i.e. rank, patrol, awards) should be sewn onto the uniform within two week of issuance.  

The Class A uniform consists of: ​

  • Tan button up BSA shirt with Troop number patch, Council patch, patrol patch sewn on

  • Troop neckerchief

  • Neckerchief slide

  • Troop name tag

  • Green shoulder epaulets

  • Green BSA belt

  • Green BSA shorts or pants

  • Green socks

The Class B uniform consists of: 

  • Troop T-shirt 

  • Troop hoodie (optional)

  • Green BSA belt

  • Green BSA shorts or pants

  • Green socks. 

Headwear: ​

Troop 218 has adopted an olive colored "boonie' style hat for outdoor activities and events.  The maroon Troop beanie hat is optional for campouts and cold weather events.   

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