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Summer Camp 2024
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Departure: Friday, Jul 26 
Trip Dates: Jul 26 - Aug 4, 2024
Camp Dates: Jul 28 - Aug 3, 2024


  • $599 per Scout for Camp

  • +$250 per Scout for transportation, lodging and meals for road trip to and from camp (final amount is TBD)

  • All camp fees are due before May 1st for the early bird registration cost of $599.  Any Scouts not paid in full before May 1st may be added later, if there is still space in the camp.  That registration will be $624 per Scout and will not include the free camp T-shirt. 

  • Transportation, lodging and meal fee for the road trip is due Jul 1, 2024

Cancellation policy

The Troop policy will follow the Camp Meriwether policy for refunds.  

Click here for Camp Meriwether refund policy. 

Additionally, NO REFUNDS for the transportation, meals and lodging to the Troop

Getting to Camp

More details to be published soon.

More About the Camp

Camp Meriwether is located on the scenic Oregon Coast, one of the only Scout camps to feature an ocean beach. The beach-front property’s warm coastal breeze and high-adventure activities attract thousands of Scouts to this premier camp each year.

The camp includes Lake Chamberlain, a fresh-water lake for swimming and kayaking, a trading post, and a state-of-the-art shooting range featuring shotgun, archery, rifle and black-powder shooting sports.

Scouts seeking high-adventure can sea-kayak, rock-climb and challenge themselves at sandboarding. Stagecraft, handicraft and an ecology center are also featured on the property.

Featured Experiences include: Climbing, Land Sailing, Mountain Biking, Blacksmithing and Kayaking

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