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Troop 218 Path to Eagle Scout

Congratulations on embarking on your final step in Scouting.  The rank of Eagle Scout is one that only a select few have earned.  But, please don't let the process scare you away.  Below you will find all of the paperwork and guides you will need to complete this final step in Scouting. 

The first step is to contact your Scoutmaster and/or Patrol Advisor (ASM) to talk about potential Eagle projects.  Remember that in order for projects to be approved at the Troop level, you will have to be able to explain how your project gives back to society in some meaningful way.  We do not approve projects that can be completed in one day or ones that do not benefit the project beneficiary in some meaningful way.  Think big...this is YOUR chance to put your name on something that will last for years to come and be representative of your willingness and ability to give back. 

Once you have selected an appropriate project, you will complete the first report in the Eagle Project Workbook, which is the Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal.  This proposal is submitted to Pacifica District for approval.   During the review process, your Pacifica District contact will have suggestions/changes for you to make.  It's part of the process.  Make those changes and you will be directed to complete the Eagle Scout Service Project Plan


The Eagle Scout Service Project Plan is where you get into the nuts and bolts of your project.  You will list the types and amounts of supplies you think you will need along with project manpower requirements, support, etc.   This allows you to get a better idea of what your Eagle Project will need to have in order to complete.  Your District contact and your Troop will help guide you through this.  Once completed, you submit your Eagle Scout Service Project Plan to District for approval.  Once approved, you can start the Project!!!!!!


Once your Eagle Project is complete, you will fill out the Eagle Scout Service Project Report.  This is the final report on your Eagle Project wherein you will list how the project went, what changes you made, and what you learned.   This report, along with the Proposal and the Plan will become part of your Eagle Project book that you will need to submit to District in preparation for your Eagle Board of Review.   

The Eagle Project book consists of several sections.  The layout of the Eagle Project book can be found I the Pacifica District Path to Eagle document, beginning on Page 5.   Remember, organization and how you Eagle Book looks says a lot about you as an Eagle Candidate.  Your Board of Review members will learn a great deal about your qualifications for the rank of Eagle based on how well your Eagle Book is prepared. 


Once your Eagle Book has been submitted, you will be scheduled for your Eagle Board of Review.  The clock stops once your Eagle Book has been submitted.  So, if for some reason, you are getting close to your 18th birthday, once you submit your Eagle Book, you can still participate in your Eagle Board of Review after you turn 18.  You just need to submit your Eagle Book before your 18th birthday.  


Once your Eagle Board of Review is scheduled, your Troop will put you through a practice BoR to get you ready for your official one. 


The Eagle Board of Review generally lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Your parents and your Scoutmaster will be there and will be present when you are officially announced as an Eagle Scout!   

Refer to the Pacifica Eagle Rank webpage for the most updated versions of all reports and guides
Use this for additional info on the Eagle Process, including info on fundraising process.  The Eagle Project information can be found in Section 9 of the Guide to Advancement

You will find the official version of your Eagle Application on Scoutbook.  Log on to your account and scroll to the bottom and click on "Reports" and then choose "Eagle Application".   You will need a final version of this printed out after ALL merit badges and rank requirements are completed. 

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