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Racing Fun at Buttonwillow - March '24

Start your engines... Troop 218 scouts had a unique opportunity to get a full behind the scenes look at multiple classes of amateur car racing at Buttonwillow Raceway. In addition to seeing some great racing, the boys...

  • Had discussions with actual racecar drivers

  • Had an in-depth look at different race cars, inside and out

  • Did three laps around the track (in the ASMs trucks!)

  • Had a fun time camping next to the racetrack

This was a great weekend and most boys experienced something that they likely would otherwise not get a chance to be a part of. There was even rank advancement work accomplished!

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1 Comment

Mar 18

WOW, looks like a fantastic experience! I'm sure the boys loved being around the racecars and seeing live racing action. Great job Troop 218! Can't wait to see what next adventure is ahead.

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