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We Survived Summer Camp in Montana

What an amazing trip and adventure for the boys (see videos on Instagram) ...

  • 10 Days of driving, camping and summer camp at K-M Ranch in MT

  • 2,760 Miles driven

  • 6 States (1 newly visited by the troop)

  • 2 Vans and 1 truck (with the troop trailer)

  • 28 Scouts and 6 Adult leaders

  • 1 Impromptu baseball game

  • 1 Prank on the Scoutmaster

  • 84 Merit Badges earned

  • Countless memories that will last a lifetime!!!

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3 comentários

18 de set. de 2023

The prank on the Scoutmaster was epic and pulled off with such secrecy it was amazing. I don't think most military special forces units could have snuck up on the Scoutmaster as well!!!!!


03 de set. de 2023

Great adventure, great camp (K-M Scout Ranch), great group of boys and many memories made. Troop 218 does summer camp right!


02 de set. de 2023

Troop 218 never ceases to amaze... driving 28 boys to MT over a 10-day period!? It's great to see boys being able to have such amazing experiences. I'm proud to be part of this great troop!

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