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Another Troop 218 Active Weekend - 5/22/21

Our weekend highlights include:

  1. Buying a new, much larger, troop trailer to accommodate our rapidly growing troop! -- we can't wait to get it outfitted (solar, LEDs, Troop 218 wrapping); it will be awesome!

  2. 25-mile bike ride with 5-boys for the Cycling Merit Badge (they are working up to a 50-mile ride very soon)

  3. A great Sunday night meeting where we are helping the younger Scouts achieve Tender Foot rank before Summer camp

Troop 218 is amazing!

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3 comentarios

25 may 2021

Awesome all around. The new trailer will help the Scouts work more efficiently. And, we can get some work don’t on the woodworking merit badge by having the Scouts help build out the interior!!

great cycling merit badge and hard work on rank advancement. Definitely a busy weekend.

Me gusta

25 may 2021

Troop 218 stay on the grind! Trailer looks great and the boys are working hard on their rank advancements. The new Patrols are finding their pacing and learning their new roles and responsibilities. Summer Camp 2021 is going to be 🔥.

Me gusta

25 may 2021

Very exciting stuff! So glad we have a new (bigger) trailer and that the boys are having such great experiences with great guidance. Troop 218 rocks!

Me gusta
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